The Insomnia Games- Pt. II

.The Insomnia Games- Game #2

*For Game #1, click here.


I like to call this game, “Are You Bore? Or Over Tire? Or Just Simple For Amusement?”

Objective: Engage in flirtatious(?) banter with potential suitors on an online dating site catering to non-English speakers/horny illiterates.
Players: Varies
Rules: Again, none.


**For Ture Love-seekers only.













**I could be wrong, but I think I just saved a girl’s life. 











  1. blogginglily says:

    oh heavens. You in my heart make many laughter.

  2. Man, that Yu! What a cockblock.

    And I now fear for Dijas’ life love. She b burrowed in yard of back, methinks. Trst me on these. I no stranger to dangerous, yes. Were is shovel?

    • Yu is such a cockblock! It’s because of her that I didn’t get to find out Dijas’ private thing.

      Granted, I’ll admit that the whole “potential murderer” issue was a bit of a turn off, but still. His sexy avatar obviously makes up for any dying that I would have had to endure.

  3. Don’t we all have a Yu Y in our lives – butting in, saying hi, not taking a hint. I don’t know, maybe Yu Y isn’t so bad. Maybe I’m just bitter because I want a love.

  4. Rich Crete says:

    Thank you very please to getting rid of Yu.

  5. haha KAMAL Toe.


  6. “Never used uterus and borderline cirrhotic liver.” I so totally love you, but in a grammatically correct way.

  7. cornfedgirl says:

    I’m crying over here, and as soon as I can pull my shit together, I’ll be sharing this on facebook. Thank you for your funny. And thank Yu for never taking a hint. Genius.

  8. You are my kind of troll. Fine work, Bea!

  9. Live/love is over 8
    I like a zebra

  10. Oh yeah, it’s pretty great that your insomnia is being put to such good use. Thanks for all the laughs!

    • It’s all downhill from here. I recently joined a dating site catering to adult diaper aficionados.
      Will I fit in? I guess that Depends…
      *awkward silence*

  11. The other day I couldn’t sleep and all I did was write a fake letter to me (for my husband to find and open) pretending I was a hospital stating I (as his wife) had tried to get him committed but they didn’t feel there was QUITE enough evidence yet. I wish I’d known all these sexy singles were online.

  12. My favorite part is him asking to talk to you on Facebook because that will be a “private” conversation. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  13. Is for making new kind funny haha and luv at same time. Many yuong girl no want old man but I hav gud income in state called Ohio. What yu think?

  14. Yu is my favorite. He never gives up. Tenacious little prick.

    • Haha! Tenacious little vagina, is more like it.
      Honestly I thought she was a guy, too. It’s hard to tell with all the foliage she has covering her face….

  15. Love and merrige go together like Tori Spelling and carriage.

  16. Luda Kristen says:

    Just when I think you couldn’t possibly make me laugh any harder…

    Yu make me laugh harder.

  17. Omg! I’m dying!!

    And seriously Yu! Get a hint!!

  18. I try avoid looking for hay girls on Facebok. I wont make that miss take again.

  19. You are so funny! You should publish a book filled with these conversations. Keep them coming!


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