Billboard’s Greatest(ish) Hits

Bill Floyd Sings Country- Bill Floyd

Track Listing


“There…Are You Happy Now??”




Christmas In The Dogghouse -Snoop Dogg

Track Listing

-“Jingle Bizzles”

-“Frosty The Snomizzle”

-Feliz Navidizzle

-“All I Wizzle for Chrisizzle is A New Grizzle”

-Mary’s Bo’Chizzle, Jizzle-Chrizzle”

-“Do You Hizzle What I Hizzle?”

-“G-Ma Got Slammizzled By A Reindizzle”

-“It’s The Mizzle Wondizzle Tizzle Of Thizzle Yizzle”

-“Hizzle Yo’Sizzle A Mizzle Lizzle Chrisizzle”

-“Let It Snizzle, Let It Snizzle, Let It Snizzle”

-“L’il Drummer Bow Wow”




The Sick Humor Of Lenny Bruce – Lenny Bruce

Track Listing

“I Just ‘Flu’ In And Boy, are my arms achy!”

“So, What’s The Deal With The Common Cold, Anyway?”

“A Priest And A Rabbi Walk Into A Bar. In Their Defense, They Suffered
From A Severe Balance Disorder”

“Yo Mama’s So Fat, She’s At High Risk For Type 2 Diabetes”

“I’ll Say It Again. White Guys With Vertigo Have No Rhythm”

“What Did The Meningitis Patient Give His Wife For Christmas?  Syphilis.”

*Pointing to IV in arm*  “Tap, Tap…Is This Thing On?”

“Knock Knock
Who’s There?
“Go Away, Phil! I’m Under Quarantine!”

“Well, According To The Doctor, That’s All The Time I’ve Got…You’ve
Been a Peaked Audience…Don’t Forget To Tip Off Your Waitresses Regarding
Any Contagious Illnesses You’ve Recently Contracted”




Rozen Voor Moeder – Johnny

Track Listing

“Rozen Voor Moeder”

“Je Moeder Liken De Rozen?”

“Ik Lieken Je Moeder”

“Je Moeder Es Een MILF”

“Ze Heft Sexy Klompen”

“…En Enorme Titens”

“Je Moeder is Single, Ja?

“Willen Ze Hebben Seks Jonger Men?”

“Misschein Ik Kan Be Je Vader”

“…Je Kan Noem Me Papa”




.Ask Me Again – Charles Cermele

Track Listing

“Go Ahead, Ask”

“Just Do It”

“It’s A Simple Question, Really”

“No Big Deal”

“Are You Going To Ask Me Or Not?”

“C’mon, I Double Dare You”

“Fine Then, I Ace Dare You”

“What Are You, Chicken?”

“Then Prove It”

“Ask Me Again If I’m A Tree”

“For The Last Time, Do I Look Like A F*cking Tree?”




I Am What I Am – George Jones

Track Listing

“I Am What I Am”

“Nope, Not A Model”

“Not An Exotic Dancer, Either”

“I Am Not A Male Escort”

“Nor Am I A Slave To Fashion”

“…Though I Can See Why You Would Think That”

“No, I Am Not A Virgin”

“….Or Desperate”

“…Or (That) Drunk”

“For The Last Time, I Am NOT  The Guy You Saw On ‘To Catch A Predator'”

“Give Up?”

“…I’m A Tree!”




I’m Just Kidding – Rudy De La Mor

Track Listing

“Gosh People, Lighten Up”

“It’s Only A Joke”

“I Was Being Facetious”

AS IF I’m Really A Tree”

“Everybody Knows That Trees Don’t Wear Glasses”

“Or Perform Hilarious Comedy Routines”

“Complete With Laugh Tracks,  So You Don’t Miss The Hilarious Parts”

“Let’s Face It, How Many Trees Do You Know Named ‘Rudy’?”

“Can A Tree Do This?” *Remains motionless*

“Trust Me, Folks…I AM NOT A TREE!”

“I’m A Shrub”

“With A Chia Head”




Kate Bush

Track Listing

“I’m A Bush”




  1. I want to ask Mr. Cermele if he is Simon Cowell…. or a tree.

  2. Great-ish!



  3. I feel as if the topic of your post was influences by all the changing colors of the arborum majoris surrounding you during this fall season. Brilliant.

    -”G-Ma Got Slammizzled By A Reindizzle” <————— This. This is why I love you. Carry on, ma bizzle.

  4. Just for the record, every tree I’ve ever met has been named Rudy.

  5. Ajgh, du bist een HILARIOUS moedervolker!

  6. Did George Jones remake ““I Am What I Am” from Popeye?

  7. I think that George Jones guy was the original on To Catch a Predator. Fashizzle!

  8. Rich Crete says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever been more ashamed…my mother had that George Jones album.
    I think another track was “I’m Too Sexy For My Shirt…Well, Of Course Not This Shirt”

  9. I hizzle, Beezy. I hizzle.

    • Do you really, Rod? Or are you just saying that because you like the way it rolls off your tongue?

      • Oh Bea, trust me, I hizzle….I’ve spent many a Christmas in the Dogghouse… in fact my greatest Dogghouse hits include: ‘Yes, you have to show up.’ ‘Would you just let it go, for crissakes’, ‘You’re the only one who thinks it’s funny’ …… and the all time classic ‘ Don’t you think you’ve had enough???’

  10. elizabeth3hersh says:

    Put a Joker wig on Bill Floyd and he is a ‘dead ringer’ (too soon for macabre humor?) for James Holmes at his arraignment. (Singing the blues, that is.)

  11. I have seen Rudy De La Mor at at gay friendly piano bar in Chicago called Gentry that I don’t think exists anymore. He would ask about a dude’s date and say, “Does he have a big pee pee?” I’m not kidding. Hope he’s still alive, and thanks for taking me back. I never would have thought of his name.

  12. I looked at my albums of the same title and they didn’t have any of these songs. You must have the Canadian versions.

  13. Ah you’re funny. Like your new Logo thingy too, nice :) Why would a woman called Kate Bush ever pose for that photo? Asking for trouble.

  14. You won my heart with the Dutch, bschooled. I knew you were talented, but this takes it to an international level.

  15. I wish I could make Lenny Bruce well again

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