Reason #76 Why You’re Still Single: Trust Issues

Research has shown that men who troll Facebook looking for dates/possible marriage use skepticism to compensate for their lack of penis size*.

*Based on studies I’ve personally done.





  1. LOL. That was fucking hilarious. Which reminds me – You need to get my brand new book “That was fucking hilarious” which comes with the bonus pamphlet “LOL.”

    • The bonus pamphlet alone tells me that it’s going to be a bestseller! It’s also inspired me to write another book, “Why The Bonus Pamphlet Tells Me That Amy’s Book Is Going To Be A Bestseller.”

      Honestly, the ideas are flowing out of me so fast that I feel like I should be wearing a sanitary belt.

  2. Smart ass. :-)

    If you can’t trust the prince of Cameroon, seriously, who CAN you trust?


  3. Well, he’s never gonna get a date with THAT negative attitude! How about a little trust, man?

    • Exactly. You’d think the fact that he’s cold calling for possible marriage prospects would make him a little more open-minded. Men with small penises are so complicated.

  4. Who is this person that pops up in my RSS reader?

  5. Paul’s the one that asked, sheesh. You give the answer and all of a sudden you’re scamming him? TRUST ISSUES!

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. I can just imagine his online dating profile:
      Name: Paul
      Age: That’s personal
      Likes: Skepticism, self-pity, rhetorical questions
      Dislikes: Scams, gold diggers, punctuation marks
      Looking For: Again, none of your business

  6. Silly Paul, everyone on dating sites are already married. The Internet will eat that man alive

  7. Rush deliver those to me. I have had the shits lately and need lots of reading material.

  8. This post has inspired me to go to every dating site, and just write “Scam” in every comment.

  9. Ohh, you’re just awesome.

  10. thatdarngirl says:

    Now that’s just funny…who finds a date on facebook..I would be afraid to me catfished..another book to write.. How to catfish on facebook and not get caught by Nev…only 99 $

  11. thatdarngirl says:

    to get catfished…

  12. I’m dying. Okay, when I get around to remembering how to operate wordpress then I am putting you on my blogroll.

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