Billboard’s Greatest Hits


1318251815_in-english-frontFrancoise Hardy In English

Track Listing

-“Francine Hardy”




Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.40.57 PMCan I Touch You….There? -Michael Bolton

Track Listing

-“Can I Touch You…There?”

-“Okay Then, How About If I Touch You…There?

-“What About…There?


-“C’mon, At Least Let Me Touch You…There


-“Not Even…There?”

-“What If I Just Touched You…There?”





SL29162The Still Of The Night -The Perry Sisters

Track Listing

-“Lean On Me”

-“Come On I Lean”

-“This Slant Is Your Slant”

-“Here We (Verti)Go Again”

-“Touched By An Angle”

-“I’m Still Standing (Barely)”

-“She Ain’t (Top) Heavy, She’s My Sister”

-“Twisted Sisters”




cd87d0e0bf3221c468049017dc8dc63a“Give Your Dick To Me” -Barbara Markay

Track Listing

-“Give Your Dick To Me”

-“Seriously, I Want You To Give Me Your Dick”

-“Because I Need A Dick, That’s Why”

-“What’s The Big Deal?”

-“It’s Not Like You Know How To Use It, Anyway”

-“Besides, You Can Always Get A Prosthetic Dick”

-“Or Go Dickless”

-“Just Give Me Your Dick”

“Or Leave It On The Nightstand On Your Way Out”

-“I Want To Add It To My Dick Collection”




22222 copy copyHaving Thing$ -M$. Tee

Track Listing

-“A $ofa”

-“A Night$tand”

-“$ome Artwork”

“$habby Carpet$”

“Water $tained Wall$”

-“A Po$$ible Mold Problem”

-“A $lumlord”

-“An Unhealthy Denim Feti$h”

-“A $tunned Vagina Expre$$ion”

-“The Appearance Of A Rap Arti$t Who Ju$t  Doe$n’t Give A $hit”




img_331599_23431204_020/20 -George Brown

Track Listing


“60 Minutes”


“48 Hours Mystery”

“Nancy Grace”

-“Lockup Raw”

“To Catch A Predator (Episodes 1, 3 and 11)”

“Oh, And I’ve Also Done Some Modeling Work…”



  1. Oh yea! I love these…

  2. That was hilarious. My favorite was the M$ Tee album.

  3. I am in tears. You’re a genius

  4. It actually looks like Barbara already has a dick, if you know what I mean. I think it’s greedy to want to have TWO dicks. Damn, Barbie, slow your roll, g.

  5. Hmmm…. I have most of these albums….

  6. Is that Kim Kardashian in her maternity dress next to Ms Tee?

    Shame having things doesn’t include a husband, at least I assume, I can’t see her ring finger since she doesn’t have hands but deduced this from the fact she isn’t Mrs Tee so has no R. Just when you think you have it all.

  7. Maybe M$. Tee can trade in her extra exclamation point for an actual S, as she seems to be missing that thing. Trading Things!

  8. Haha. I was thinking the same thing about the “Having Thang$” album cover. That didn’t look like a lap of luxury, and that’s what I like. I kind of want to hear that disc. Maybe she is just a humble rapper who is thankful for what she has . . . Or she’s just an idiot in a shitty apartment making a shitty rap album for youtube.

  9. Ahhh, same ol’ top-shelf hilarity. I missed ya. Also, the Perry Sisters album cover is the stuff of my night terrors.

  10. You haven’t lost your touch B…..

    ” On ”
    ” You”
    ” Crazy Diamond”

  11. I can’t wait for these songs to come out on 8-track so I can really rock out with the cool kids!

  12. ay girl, where u @

  13. Please come back!!!

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