published convo



Free Parenting Advice– The Bygone Bureau

Sorry About Your Generation– The Morning News

Free Advice-Being More Badass – Bygone Bureau

Opening Lines From An Ill-Humored Comedian Of The 18th Century– McSweeney’s

An Evolution of Dear John Letters – The Rumpus

Reader’s Digest – Rejected Humor Submissions – The Big Jewel

About Me- The Big Jewel

Ways The Environment Can Be More People-Friendly- The Bygone Bureau

To All Members Of The “Vote Dylan Cutest Baby Ever!” Facebook Group– The Big Jewel

Free Magic Tricks – Defenestration Magazine

Destination Unknown– The Bygone Bureau

Acting Tips From a True Crime Re-enactor– The Big Jewel

Leaving The Nest – The Big Jewel

Iron Chef Japan Judges Critique – The Big Jewel

Yo Mama Jokes, As Told By My Mother – The Big Jewel

Honorable Freshman Saves Ass For Marriage – Glossy News

University of Arkensas Bachelor of Literalism – Hobo Pancakes

Little-Known Hints For Central America Travel – Humor Press

New Reality Show – Glossy News

Never Judge a Man By His Shoes – Wanderlust and Lipstick




  1. Denny want’s to publish you. Just let me know when you want to take YNBH’s keys.

  2. “Want’s”…..see….unnecessary contraction.

    That’s what she* said.

    *She is a pregnant woman who is about to give birth.

  3. Thanks heavens for this page….. and FERNANDO!

    Without it, I wouldn’t have found your Central American travel guide whose hints I found invaluable when trying to figure out where in the world that flighty bitch Carmen Sandiego was.

    True, I was often laughing too much to really follow the advice, and not being female I found much of it didn’t apply (and not for a lack of trying — I was twice detained for “impersonating a female impersonator”), but that takes nothing away from the hilarious writing contained therein.

    Oh, and I’d just like to reiterate: fucking McSweeney’s.

    • Thank-you, CLT. And thank-you for reiterating the latest piece I’ve been working on.

      I heard they don’t usually publish pieces that refer to them directly, but I’m hoping once they read it they’ll reconsider. (Fingers crossed!)


  1. […] Scientist, specializing in Anti-Social Experiments. I say she's just a badass blogger who's 'Published Convo' alone would send most blogs scurrying back to the rock they crawled out from under. And when you […]

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