Billboard’s (Not So) Greatest Hits


“The Schytts Greatest Hits” -1975

Album Tracklist

“Just Talking Schytt”

“My Brothers Are a Bunch Of Schytts”

“He May Be Adopted, But He’s A Real Schytt to Me”

“How Did You Know I Was A Schytt?”

“This Album Is Really The Schytts”

“Of Course He’s A Little Schytt…He’s My Son!”

“Our Neighbor Is A Total Schytt Disturber”

“No, That’s Not How You Spell Our Last Name”



“Jay Snell’s Confessions Of A Teen-Age Girl” -1976

Album Tracklist

“Are You There God? It’s Me, Jay Snell”

“Sometimes It’s Really Hard Being a Teen-Age Girl”

“Ok, I Confess…I Kissed Bobby Parker”

“I Stuff My Bra”

“I’m Not Really Bisexual, I Just Pretend To Be So The Boys Will Like Me More”

“I Let Bobby Parker Feel Me Up”

“All Of My Facebook Pics Were Taken In Front Of  The Bathroom Mirror”

“I Totally Had Sex With Bobby Parker”



Thank-You For The Dove…And Other Stuff” -1974

Album Tracklist

“Thank-You For The Chia-Head”

Thank-You For the  Stuffed Emu”

“Thank-You for The Pylon”

“Thank-You For The Precious Moments Figurine”

“Thank-You for The Left Mitten”

“Thank-You For The Petri-Dish”

“Thank-You For the Hat Full Of Busted Assholes”

“Thank-You For the Inuit”

“Thank-You For The Whatever The Hell This Thing Is”





“It’s Me Mum! Wally Whyton” -1968

Album Tracklist

“Mum, It’s me, Wally!”

“”You know, Wally Whyton”

“Your Son, Remember?”

“Why Are You Pretending You Don’t Know Me, Mum?”

“Mum, Come On…This Isn’t Funny”

“At Least Wave Back, I Look Like A Total Ass Right Now”

“Where Are You Going, Mum?”