Billboard’s Not-So Greatest Hits




“Music To Massage Your Mate By” -Burt Reynolds

Track Listing

“Bow Chicka Bow Bow”

“Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka”

“Who’s Your Daddy?”

.“Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka” (extended version)



ajaye-710407 “Don’t Smoke Dope, Fry Your Hair!” -Franklyn Ajaye


Track Listing

“Look! I’m a Monster!”

“Cuz I Got Claw Hands”

“Like A Monster”

“Wokka Wokka Wokka”


“”Monsters Are Some Weird Shit, Man”

“They’re Like, So Deep”

“I Should Know Cuz I’m a Monster”

“Cuz I Got Claw Hands”

“Oh Wait…Did I Already Sing That?”

“So, You Got Anything To Eat Here?”





“All My Friends Are Dead”- Freddie Gage


Track Listing

“Bill Is Dead”

“Larry Is Dead”

“Wayne…Dead As A Doornail”

“Phyllis is Alive!…Just Kidding, She’s Dead”

“Hal Was Alive, But That Was Before He Was Dead”

“I Can’t Remember That Guy’s Name, But Boy, Was He Funny! And Now He’s Dead”

“I Thought That Juan Might Still Be Around, But His Wife Just Told Me He’s Dead”

“Ok, Technically Doris Isn’t Dead, But She’s Kind Of A Bitch”

“I Guess It’s Not That Big A Deal, I Just Have A Hard Time Meeting People”




 “I Like God’s Style” -Isabel Baker


Track Listing

“Check Out His Groovy Sandals”

“Can The Almighty Rock a Tunic Or What?”

“Normally I’m Not A Big Fan Of Facial Hair, But On God, It Works!”

“I’d Kill For A Cloak Like That”

“No Wonder He Had So Many Disciples”

“He’s Super Easy-Going…And Really Personable, Too”

“I Like The Way He Thinks”





“Whatever This Album Is Called”- Mica


 Track Listing

“Sometimes I Get Lonely”

“My Wandering Hand”

“Is It Just Me Or Is It Getting Hot In Here?”

“If Doing This On My Album Cover Is Wrong, Then I Don’t Wanna Be Right!”

 “I Think It’s Time For Bed”

Billboard’s Greatest Hits

. “Father Guild Says Howdy”- Father Guild





“Things To Do On A Rainy Night” – This Lady




“Wash Hair”

“Call Mom And Dad”

“Get Naked, Grab Blanket And Go Lie Tits-Up On The Linoleum”


“Rug Hooking”

“Watch TiVo’d Episodes Of Kate Plus Eight”




.“Looks Like Rain” -Mickey Newbury.


“Looks Like Rain”

“Or Beads Of Sweat”

“Or Tiny Blobs Of Clear Wet Stuff”

“Or Little Glass Marbles”

“Or See-Through Q-Tip Ends”

“Or Miniature Chocolate Chips But Instead Of Chocolate They’re Water”

“Or Colorless Sesame Seeds Magnified To 5X Their Original Size”

“Or Silica Gel Beads Which Is Actually A Misnomer Because It’s Not Really Gel But a Rather A Granular Form of Silicon Dioxide”

“But Mostly Rain”




.“I Call It Trouble” -Barbara Acklin


“I Call It Trouble”

“My Doctor Calls It Treponema Pallidum”

“My Friends Call It Boyfriend Repellent”

“My Mom Calls It Serves You Right”

“Hookers Call It A Job Hazard”

“My Ex Calls Me A Whore”

“Guys Don’t Call At All”




“This Dream’s On Me” -Gene Watson


“No, I Mean It”

“A Gal Like You Shouldn’t Be Paying For Dreams”

“Bartender, Get The Lady A Dream”

“Actually, Make It Two”

“As You Can Tell By My Bed-Head, I Dream A Lot”

“So, What’s Say We Go Back To Your Place For A Few Dreams?”

“I Feel Like Getting My Dream On”

“Wait…What Do You  Mean You Don’t Invite Strangers Over For Dreams?”

“Why Didn’t You Tell Me That Before I Pulled Out My Wallet?”